Free Yoga

Check out my short mellow sequence on Instagram:

Short mellow sequence ~ swipe left for page two ~ . ~~~ Please note: this is a short practice I did tonight. It will not be perfectly appropriate for all bodies. Please message me with any questions you have, or if you'd like to see a modified version of any of the postures! 1. Start with the backs of your legs up the wall. Feel the support, and breathe deeply, close your eyes. 2. Bend your knees, bring the soles of the feet together, and gently press the knees toward the wall. Take a few breaths. 3. Open your legs out into a "V" shape. Let gravity gradually take the legs further apart. You can support some of the weight of your legs with your hands or blocks. Take a few breaths. 4. Slide about a shin-length distance from the wall. Cross the left ankle over the right thigh and walk the right foot down a bit. Gently press left knee toward the wall. 5. & 6. Uncross legs and roll to the right. Stack the arms and legs. Inhale there, then exhale and open into twist (6). Repeat three times. Rest in your twist for several breaths. 7-9. Repeat 4-6. on opposite side. Page 2 1. From hands and knees, slide right knee toward right wrist, and slide left leg straight back. Lower down. 2. Rise onto elbows, spin left arm in, and reach back for the left foot with the right hand, twist to the right. 3. Take both hands to the floor, lift the chest and breathe. 4. Sit to the right hip and cross left leg on top of right leg. Right arm hugs left leg while left hand finds the floor behind the hips. Turn the head and twist left. 5. Move back to hands and knees and lift hips up toward the ceiling. (Repeat 1-3. with left leg forward) 6. Repeat 4. with right leg on top. 7. With the right leg still on top, bring the right knee on top of the left knee, with the feet on either side of the hips. Place the palms on the soles of the feet and fold forward. 8. Switch the cross of the legs and repeat. 9. Rest . . . #yoga #yogasequence #hathayoga #hatha #comoyoga

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