Summer Schedule Changes

So in January I realized that as I often say “rest when you feel the need to rest” while teaching class, I don’t actually rest in my life when I need rest, “off the mat.” For the last eight years, I’ve worked 6-7 days a week, with very few vacations.  So, effective June 1st, I’ll be taking Mondays and Thursdays off.  This will mean I’m cutting a few of my current classes as well.  I’m on the road to restoring my focus on rest.   Finally!!

As of June 1st, 2016, my weekly classes will be as follows:

Wed. 6-730 PM : Hatha Flow & Restore at Bellelune Massage + Yoga

Sat. 9-1015 AM : Hatha Flow at AlleyCat Yoga

Sat. 11 AM – 12 PM : Gentle Hatha at Bellelune Massage + Yoga

Sun. 4-5 PM : Community Yoga at AlleyCat Yoga

Four classes a week for the summer.  Join me~ 🙂


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