Yoga Teacher Training 500 HR

I’ve been thinking a lot lately, maybe the last year or so, about whether I want to do a 500hr yoga teacher training.  There are so many choices and possibilities of where I could go and study.   If I made a list of all of the trainings and programs I want to take, massage and yoga, I could really spend some serious money!  But!  Assuming I have to simmer down on my excitement to TAKE EVERY TRAINING, there are many I’m just looking at, ok… ogling.

1. Leslie Kaminoff’s Yoga Anatomy Training Online:

~On that website he has two separate nine month long courses.  One is entitled “Practices” and is more practice-focused, while the other is “Principles” and is more theory-based.

2. Christina Sell is doing both an online and a live version of her 300-hr yoga teacher training.  I would love to study with her in person some day.  She is based near Austin, Texas, and I did her brief “Asana Junkies” webinar series last year.

3. Rishikesh Yog Peeth ~ I’ve been thinking about going to India for a while now and have been making some plans to go to Rishikesh in November and December of this year.  Preliminary plans, of course, but that’s a distinct possibility.   There’s a six-week course Nov 17 – Dec 27.

4. Kripalu – I’m considering both the Ayurvedic Yoga Teacher training and the Ayurvedic Practitioner Certification.  I went to Kripalu around two years ago for a ten-day training and thought it was a really beautiful campus.

5. Costa Rica!  Nosara Yoga in CR looks amazing on their website.  Also, I’ve never been to Costa Rica, so I’m sure I’m romanticizing how awesome it will be.  But probably not.  They have individual 50 hour and 100 hour trainings that added together total the 200-, 500-, or 1000 hour certifications.  Oh the idea of Costa Rica when it’s 20 degrees Fahrenheit here in Columbia, Missouri!

There are so many possibilities.  So much to learn.  But then again, taking my next breath, I feel the present moment, and that’s pretty good too.

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